What We Do

iStock_000007155263XSmall_Copy.jpgBecause Beyond IT offers a number of different support models, and in combination with strategic partnerships, we are able to provide a wide range of services and products. They include;

  • Managed Services – Cost-effective infrastructure management solutions
  • Project Management Services – Imparting knowledge and proven experience in IT solutions
  • Auditing – Discover, document and assess your existing systems and processes
  • Remediation – Correct problems with existing systems
  • Performance Monitoring – Monitoring the performance, stability and availability
    of your infrastructure
  • Support – Preventative maintenance, problem resolution, and staff supportdata-centre-backup.png
  • Risk Management – Disaster planning, recovery strategies, data backup
  • Sales – Supply of hardware and software from all major vendors and distributors
  • Telecommunications – Digital and Analogue phone systems, data communications, VOIP
  • Maintenance support – Repairs and Upgrades