Data centre backup

The reasons for backing up your data are simple- to protect your business. A loss can come in many forms, such as theft, fire, flood or equipment failure; and occurs most often due to files that are corrupt, deleted or overwritten.

A new type of backup has emerged in the last few years- the “offsite backup”- where information is copied across the internet and stored on a secure server at an alternate location. We call it the cloud.

Beyond IT Solution’s Data Centre differs from many others available in the cloud in that Beyond will assist you to identify all the critical data that exists within your business and ensure it is included. Beyond will also hold data for at least 12 months to allow for the long term restoration of information. If you need your files restored, Beyond can send information back from one of their Data Centres directly to your server or workstation.

The Beyond IT Solution Data Centre allows you to backup your information in a low cost, automated and reliable manner.

For more information, please contact us, or view our Data Centre frequently asked questions below.

A: In this “age of information” your data is often far more valuable to you than the hardware and software it resides in. Consider the cost (time, staff, loss of sales, a loss of market share) that might occur if you suffered a significant or major loss of information.

A: Our Data Centre is duplicated in “near real time” to a second Data Centre. In the unlikely event that both Data Centres fail, multiple backups are held at alternate locations. In the event of a double failure, we can rebuild both centres.

A: No problem. Over the duration of your contract, you can increase your requirements in blocks. If your requirements decrease then you can also reduce your allowance back to (but not less than) your original allowance. If your data should grow (and data generally does) then we can assist you in determining if any of your data can be archived and excluded from the backup process.

A: Our Data Centre is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Backups occur overnight and we review the results of your backup the following day.

A: An initial review is a good place to start. Often data accumulates over time and you may end up backing up files that are no longer changing or are no longer required. During the setup phase we assist you to clean up minimize the amount of data you will backup. In many instances this allows you to select a smaller data allowance and keep the cost to a minimum.

A: Mostly, Yes. However, there are some Internet Service Providers that have a monthly traffic allowance that is not sufficient or may contain “fine print” in the contract that results in excess costs. During the setup phase we review your internet provider and your internet plan and can provide you with an opinion as to the suitability of your ISP arrangements.

A: We can’t comment on your existing provider. What we can say is that we are a specialist Information Technology organisation that has in excess of 26 years experience in helping businesses with their IT requirements. We believe that data backup is a key part of managing the risks associated with relying on technology. We can provide you with expert advice at the beginning of the process to identify where your key critical data resides and how to best back it up. You may require other backup strategies (such as local backups, duplicate hardware, encryption keys, etc) and we can work with you to determine an overall plan.

A: Our rotation scheme is fixed. We believe that it provides a robust risk management strategy – and a fixed strategy allows us to accurately forecast how much space you then really need. Unlike other off site providers, we calculate your requirements based on how much data you have – not how much space it occupies in our Data Centre.

A: Our backup technology supports Exchange and SQL.

A: As a specialist IT provider, we are interested in protecting your data. Sometimes in the event of a loss or corruption of data it is beneficial to restore the data to an alternate location or even to protect the current data from being overwritten. Sometimes a problem or loss can be fixed by something other than a data restoration. With this in mind we believe that the best approach is for Beyond to manage the restoration of data under instruction from you. Fees may apply for data retrieval depending on how much has to be restored.

A: You can probably appreciate that the infrastructure we implement to support and manage your data is significant. In order to provide you with a reliable and affordable service (our rates are generally less than half of our competitors) we require a minimum commitment. In the event that you wish to conclude your contract early, a termination fee of 50% of the remaining monthly fees will apply.

A: A 12 month contract includes a small setup fee. Contracts of 24 months or more have no setup fee. The restoration of data may attract an additional fee depending on how much data you require to be restored.

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